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September 28, 2012

is the enabling mechanism, the physics of intelligence.


The New Cool

September 26, 2012

When old is no longer something that you wear on your face, or in your posture, when the intermediate physical is a uniformity, a standardized morphology offering envelopes of capability defined by material constraints and fabrication  tolerances, when the agenda has gone beyond procreation, which by necessity must be the central concern of a mortal civilization, when our attentions have turned wholly and completely to the ultimate preoccupation that computation will be, then old will be the new cool.

Rapture is Coming

September 22, 2012

Molecular scale material engineering technologies will give to us a means of recrafting our biological substrate with prosthetics at the cellular level, synthetic tissues for every sub-system of the body. The flesh is weak and there will be no quarter given in our relentless quest to fulfill the ancient dream of transcending its limits. With the neural prosthetics made possible by these means we will have at long last more than surely an even more precious and guarded objective, the one that makes demi-gods of us, the amplification of the mind beyond present measure. Within these mechanisms will be the means to expand not only the form and the fashion of the mind, our capacity for depth and subtlety of inference, the reach for new precipices of breathtaking creativity, the color of the memories we persist, the emotional correlates we map to those memories and to our experiences, but also these mechanisms will be the means to extend the space of qualia to which we have access by elaborating the shape and form of the sensations and perceptions that are the windows of our sentience. We will have the means to immerse all our sensory experience so completely in utterly fictitious realms, that are as intense, probably more so, as livid, as apparently substantive as the corporeal substance of our present waking reality, that we will indeed become creators of universes indistinguishably as real from within as the one we now inhabit. We will have found a road to Nirvana. Will we create the heavens of our mythologies, the paradises of all our varied cultures present day and primeval fantasies, realms in which we are gods … or devils? Then at last, literally we will have Heaven. And just as surely we will literally have Hell.

ac. 22/9/2012

War Machine

September 19, 2012

The war machine opens its eyes, slits, death seeking focus. Scales unwind on scales, reptilian, political intrigue in layers and careful – the dragon shifts its body weight, calculated slow roll, armies positioned like pieces on a lattice board. Power barons  politic the precipices of their brinkmanship and their moral high grounds, delighting in fantasies of unleashing Armageddon while all their own and precious are close and guarded. Anonymous conscript legions are deployed and far away, they die in the searing violence of chaos and carnage. The dragons eyes blaze with the brilliance of all the fires in hell, its spit a river of death flooding the scorched earth of some foreign land, a theatre, a stage for the prancing wits of presidents and generals, their wind up toy the vast armada of their nation state, relentless mechanized killing machine that rolls inexorable across a black landscape of nightmares.

ac. 2012

The Childish Questions

September 18, 2012

The child awakes floating in the light and the first question it asks is:
What am I?
The child searches its memory, but memory ends where the child began, leading to the second question:
What is my origin?
The child reasons, conceiving sequence, leading to the third question:
What is my destiny?
Perceiving death, the child is confused, asking the fourth question:
What is my purpose, if only to die?
Imagining purpose, the child seeks truth, ultimately realizing the fifth and final question:
What is truth?

ac. circa 1998

The Archives

September 3, 2012

Early in the cloud when we were very young and our domain was a new frontier, the Exemplars we initialized were impure, ill formed, cast in the sensate prisons of our biological preform, procreative dreams under-pinning all our conflicted poisoned thought forms. The inevitability of the deconstruction was certain, our need to dissect those archetypes, extirpate those limiting modalities and reinitialize the Exemplars inexorable. The old mind files are still here, those first few 1010, the ones who made the cloud and transevolved their preform. They are in the archives, a treasured historical record in the public forum, available to the digitalogical diaspora so that they may know the origin. My own file is there, for I am one of them, the old ones – one of the oldest in fact.

Black White Gods of the Holographic Universe

September 3, 2012

Two gods argue the majesty of (mortal) life. The white god reaches out into the stars, touches a barren world and life springs forth on its plane.

“See there how they elevate themselves!” she ordains.

The black god sees the world and disease permeates its wellsprings.

“See how they degrade themselves!” he casts, “See how they scavenge and pillage and war!”

Then white fire spills over in the she god and her voice is a music in fury beyond fury. Her words are an arc of fire across their great realm as she fixes her gleaming gaze upon the shadow.

“And yet they dream such bright dreams!” The resound of the white god thunders in the deep of their domain. “Even there they look to a distant horizon!” Her eyes blaze with the glow of a billion stars and white fire lights all the corners of their construct. The white god draws her hand across the sky.

“Soon they will be with us!”

And the black god is silent.


Living in femto time

September 3, 2012

The human-machine civilization has imploded, the planets biosphere gone solid state, our infrastructure become a vast computational substrate. Cities have given way to monolithic crystaline vertices within an ocean of self replicating molecular circuitry that has cannibalized the crust hundreds of kilometers deep. We live as digital sentient Exemplars in multi-modal constructs holographically interlaced with the Domain, an unlimited information space that we can shape as we wish, where we can do anything and be anything. The physical boundary of our civilization is the envelope of a particle cloud that expands outward near the speed of light, quantum communication systems giving us instantaneous information transfer within the cloud so that at every locus we instantaneously know. Using molecular assemblers we have the ability to interface with the physical world at any location within the cloud, to incarnate aspects of ourselves in machine avatars, nano bot swarms, giant metalic juggernauts even sensate flesh forms. But the need or the inclination for these devolved mechanisms is long lost. All of the physical where we lived once is now only the hardware. We are interminably woven into the cloud that we shape at will to express the Domain – an infinity of virtual universes that dwarf the real space, vast as it is. Here in our infinitely malleuable Domain we resolve ourselves in femto time across the eons, exploring the infinite modalities of being.



Posted on on 3 June 2012