Black White Gods of the Holographic Universe

Two gods argue the majesty of (mortal) life. The white god reaches out into the stars, touches a barren world and life springs forth on its plane.

“See there how they elevate themselves!” she ordains.

The black god sees the world and disease permeates its wellsprings.

“See how they degrade themselves!” he casts, “See how they scavenge and pillage and war!”

Then white fire spills over in the she god and her voice is a music in fury beyond fury. Her words are an arc of fire across their great realm as she fixes her gleaming gaze upon the shadow.

“And yet they dream such bright dreams!” The resound of the white god thunders in the deep of their domain. “Even there they look to a distant horizon!” Her eyes blaze with the glow of a billion stars and white fire lights all the corners of their construct. The white god draws her hand across the sky.

“Soon they will be with us!”

And the black god is silent.



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