Living in femto time

The human-machine civilization has imploded, the planets biosphere gone solid state, our infrastructure become a vast computational substrate. Cities have given way to monolithic crystaline vertices within an ocean of self replicating molecular circuitry that has cannibalized the crust hundreds of kilometers deep. We live as digital sentient Exemplars in multi-modal constructs holographically interlaced with the Domain, an unlimited information space that we can shape as we wish, where we can do anything and be anything. The physical boundary of our civilization is the envelope of a particle cloud that expands outward near the speed of light, quantum communication systems giving us instantaneous information transfer within the cloud so that at every locus we instantaneously know. Using molecular assemblers we have the ability to interface with the physical world at any location within the cloud, to incarnate aspects of ourselves in machine avatars, nano bot swarms, giant metalic juggernauts even sensate flesh forms. But the need or the inclination for these devolved mechanisms is long lost. All of the physical where we lived once is now only the hardware. We are interminably woven into the cloud that we shape at will to express the Domain – an infinity of virtual universes that dwarf the real space, vast as it is. Here in our infinitely malleuable Domain we resolve ourselves in femto time across the eons, exploring the infinite modalities of being.



Posted on on 3 June 2012


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