The sophisticated man in a business suit smiles confidently, leaning forward. “I’d like to make you a proposition” he murmers manly to the sophisticated woman in the beautiful dress.

“Ohhhh” she coos, blinking her long lashes. “What kind of a proposition?”

“An indecent one.” his smile wolfish.

“Well I’m all ears” she lilts, her eyes widening.

In the cartoon, the young man mimes to the girl in the mini skirt and pony tails… pointing at his crotch and then at hers. He makes a pumping motion with his hands. Pointing back at himself he rubs his fingers, something invisible between his thumb and index, and pointing back at her he uses two hands to show his belly swelling. Indicating the both of them he brings his hands together and then pats at the air as if measuring short people. The girl in the mini skirt cocks her head, knuckles to her chin, hips angled, one kneed bent considering… and then she nods enthusiastically.



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