Rapture is Coming

Molecular scale material engineering technologies will give to us a means of recrafting our biological substrate with prosthetics at the cellular level, synthetic tissues for every sub-system of the body. The flesh is weak and there will be no quarter given in our relentless quest to fulfill the ancient dream of transcending its limits. With the neural prosthetics made possible by these means we will have at long last more than surely an even more precious and guarded objective, the one that makes demi-gods of us, the amplification of the mind beyond present measure. Within these mechanisms will be the means to expand not only the form and the fashion of the mind, our capacity for depth and subtlety of inference, the reach for new precipices of breathtaking creativity, the color of the memories we persist, the emotional correlates we map to those memories and to our experiences, but also these mechanisms will be the means to extend the space of qualia to which we have access by elaborating the shape and form of the sensations and perceptions that are the windows of our sentience. We will have the means to immerse all our sensory experience so completely in utterly fictitious realms, that are as intense, probably more so, as livid, as apparently substantive as the corporeal substance of our present waking reality, that we will indeed become creators of universes indistinguishably as real from within as the one we now inhabit. We will have found a road to Nirvana. Will we create the heavens of our mythologies, the paradises of all our varied cultures present day and primeval fantasies, realms in which we are gods … or devils? Then at last, literally we will have Heaven. And just as surely we will literally have Hell.

ac. 22/9/2012


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