The New Cool

When old is no longer something that you wear on your face, or in your posture, when the intermediate physical is a uniformity, a standardized morphology offering envelopes of capability defined by material constraints and fabrication  tolerances, when the agenda has gone beyond procreation, which by necessity must be the central concern of a mortal civilization, when our attentions have turned wholly and completely to the ultimate preoccupation that computation will be, then old will be the new cool.


2 Responses to “The New Cool”

  1. Allan Campbell Says:

    We cannot properly turn our attentions to any agenda other than procreation while we are biologically mortal. The central concern and pre-occupation must be to attend our continuity. Until our intelligence is interminably woven into the dna of our planet (it may be already, but also it may not) and then our star and then perhaps our central super massive black hole and then the very fabric of the space time itself and we cannot die, until then, staying alive is the priority for our civilization.

  2. Allan Campbell Says:

    The intermediate physical is the pre-retreat, the stage before we regress to the molecular scale, the time in which we will continue to instantiate ourselves in the physical as macro-forms. This period will be short lived. As the biological gives way to the synthetic, the advantages of the miniature and then the solid state will exert selection pressures that drive us down as we iterate our own optimization.

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