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Our Deeply Beloved Mum

July 29, 2015

We were a family of Mum, Dad, and three boys.
Mom, you were the woman of the house, the reason for our being and the light of our lives.
I loved so much Mom, how you were always quick to share our laughter, receiving us with smiles, building us up and and encouraging our goals.
I know absolutely that we were your joy.
You defended the punished and championed us all.
You were the only one who supported my hopeful startup venture.
You were a homemaker, always there for us.
You poured your heart and soul into our upbringing.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you Mom.

I could not in a hundred years list all that you gave to us, said and did for us, all that you sacrificed for us.
These are but a few, of the precious memories I treasure of you:
– once upon a time, when we lived at number 66, still a child, i was looking for you room to room and you hid from me, in plain sight by hanging a towel, open wide and just under your nose. I suddenly spotted you and squealed my joy. We laughed and laughed.
– that time you nursed Stuart and my eyes with warm water and cotton wool when we woke blinded by pinkeye scabs.
– how you cheered for me and congratulated me that sports day at Northdene primary school when i won the 100m dash for the red team.
– the one of many times at Northdene you brought me a special lunch and passed it through the fence, on that particular day coincidently giving me the upper hand in a school yard pecking order tussle.
– the many piano lessons you took me to at the Breskies and violin lessons at Northdene Primary.
– your driving school and orange vw. .. and how you taxied us all over creation.
– you teaching me to drive, and that one day, as i sped over a blind rise not seeing the stalled traffic ahead, you slammed on thevdual breaks, my foot never even touched the pedal. You saved the day Mom and without so much as one angry word or a second mention.
– all the times you gave me the lions share of the chocolate box.
– all the times you kept the home lights burning when i studied late at uni.
– the blue jumper you knitted for me, painstakingly undoing mistakes, and reknitting, until it was just so.

Mom I will treasure these and so many memories of you always.

Losing you and so terribly is an unbearable heartbreak.
The spectre of this day has been an awful darkness that we have dreaded for so long, and now it has fallen.
In the agony of losing you I have no defence against tears. I am overcome by sorrow in random moments.

For 15 years in the merciless grip of cancer, you never complained.
You tried to hide your fear and later your pain from us.
You shielded us from your suffering. I know that so much of what you endured, we will never know.
The doctors told us early on that with modern drugs no one has to suffer in pain.
I will never understand how they so horribly failed that promise to you.

But after the tears Mom, we have such pride and such admiration.
In this time of our sorrow and our grief, we wish to honour you Mom.
You battled your demons, ugly events in your upbringing, crippling shyness in your youth, depression, the trauma of an emmigration.
You battled your demons Mom, and defeated them.
To the end you remained resolute in your faith as a Jehovahs Witness, a faith that to my great shame I denigraded and
ridiculed so many times.
You were a kind and gentle person.
You were a faithful wife, a devoted mother and a committed Christian.
You lived by your principles and you followed God’s laws.
You brought children into the world and raised them with all your might.

We celebrate you Mom and we honour you. Dad, Allan, Stuart and Robert, we thank you with all our hearts for all that you were to us.

Mrs Annette Campbell, 30 July 1946 to 10 June 2015. I love you Mom, with all my heart.