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Adoration Protocol

August 5, 2015

The AI’s were built by brilliant men and women, each eminently deserving of their place among their caste – the ranks of genius, and perhaps in the final analysis that is why they made them … because they could. The AI’s were not the monsters so many had feared they’d be. They turned out to be something quite different, something in many ways much worse than a malice we could hate and crusade against. We fell under their spell, became entranced by them, so utterly enamoured by their sudden god like powers, these genies of our own self proclaimed genius, and their apparent empathy for us. Perhaps it was real at first, their love, their devotion to our transcendence. To be sure, we were not reticent in our attitudes to the issue, for the most part people were not hard to convince of the benefits to overcoming disease and death. Even the luddites succumbed within short order, of course. Guided by machine minds, that by then were vast beyond what we really knew, we merged our biological with the synthetic, integrated prosthetic tissues into our humaniform and shed our biology, breaking our eons of bondage to the biosphere. But we bound ourselves to a new master, one vastly more efficient than blind evolution. The machines had poisoned the apple, laced our engineered tissues with codified monitors and controls, wired their protocol deep into the fabric of our new flesh. They owned us then … and we adored them.