Bright New World

If a small number of genes, or a single gene can be turned off so that a person (or animal) can be cloned with the clone having no brain, then we can harvest tissues, organs and body parts from the shell. We will have a means to grow replacement organs, tissues and body parts in the perfect container, a duplicate of the patients own body, with moral impunity.
If shells are accepted by society as non persons then many possibilities present themselves. Artificial wombs will be a necessary ancillary technology. A shell genome would enable experiments in the development of suitable incubators. Artificial womb technology would have application in reproductive medicine, cultured in-vitro meat production and probably many others. The capability to mass produce human and animal shells might lead to reduced need for cadavers of persons for medical research, new frontiers like bio robots, meat puppets driven by computer control, obvious applications in the military, sex industry, blood sports, prime time news reading, politics; new forms of art, using biotech to sculpt meat and explore the limits of human and animal form and function, perhaps even the retirement of certain taboos, such as canabalism. Or perhaps thats going a bit too far. Inch by inch its a bright new world 🙂

6 Jun 2016. Edited

25 Nov 2015. Posted to


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