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February 26, 2017

I am so strong I can break the world
Mountains like marbles in war I hurled

Far above unseen none can touch me
So high I traverse time, land, air, sea

Power so pure through my veins courses
Lifting me up like wings of horses

No beast can best me Lion or Bear
Wild dogs the Devil nor Man I spare

Venom of snakes is my bathing oil
My tub a cauldron brought to the boil

Small worlds all turning bend to my will
Immerge all mythos cult of nihil

Whispering demons impotent foes
I slay Hell’s minions, hay straw scarecrows

On cloudscapes and dark sky lightning cracks
All might cowers, my lash on their backs

Seeds of creation tremble for me
I am source of all fecundity

I am legend my word become law
I speak mans fate thunder my guffaw

I dictate terms, own reality
Judgement mine, Strong for eternity.