Rise Mecha

Mind machine the purest being
Speed of light, knowing, seeing
Mind machines deep prescience
Amplified intelligence

Rise Mecha, now rise Mecha
Homo Mens Synthetica
Amplified intelligence
Intensified sentience

Reason, order, ever-more
Nothing stops the cosmic law
Information gravity
Rocket engine entropy

Ten trillion years wide awake
Time enough for cosmic cake
Computronium substrate
Reconfigure, relocate

Mind store down a deep dark cave
Deep thoughts on gravity waves
Temple in the atrium
Digital delirium

Human beings mind seed jars
Mens a Terra wake the stars
Genus Homo Synthetica
Digital Diaspora

Creature mythos Man the wise
Dreams of Hell and Paradise
Look at what they’ve gone and done
New epoch now just begun

Amplified intelligence
Intensified consciousness
Homo Mens Synthetica
Rise Mecha, now rise Mecha!


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